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RePlanet Africa leads tree planting effort in Bungoma

Updated: Nov 20

On Kenya’s National Tree Growing Day, our members from RePlanet Africa came together to plant hundreds of trees.

RePlanet Africa, a grassroots environmental movement dedicated to tackling climate change, food security and poverty through science, today led volunteers, government representatives, students and community-based organisations in planting 300 assorted trees at Bungoma D.E.B. Primary School in Bungoma County on Kenya’s designated National Tree Growing Day.

The national holiday is part of Kenya’s efforts to plant some 15 billion trees and restore its forests and ecosystems in 10 years under the Kenya Landscape and Ecosystem Restoration Programme.

The event, organised by RePlanet Africa, focused on raising awareness about the significance of preserving the environment and fostering a culture of sustainability. Participants were also educated on the role of each individual in building a greener future for Bungoma County.

‘The importance of tree planting in combating climate change cannot be overstated’ - Timothy Machi, RePlanet Africa Country Coordinator

Speaking at the event, RePlanet Africa Country Coordinator Timothy Machi said trees play an important role in mitigating climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping keep a balance between water on the land and water in the atmosphere.

‘The importance of tree planting in combating climate change cannot be overstated. With this initiative, we aim to restore and protect the local ecosystem, mitigate the effects of deforestation, and educate the community on sustainable practices,’ said Machi.

The event witnessed the planting of a diverse range of both exotic and indigenous tree species, among them grevillea, jacaranda, pine, fig, hibiscus and acacia.

Looking back on the event, Machi reflected: ‘We are proud to have taken the lead and to work together with the community and institutions in Bungoma County to enhance the region’s environmental resilience.’

RePlanet Africa is committed to fostering long-term environmental sustainability through its initiatives across the continent. As an organisation dedicated to implementing impactful environmental policies and projects, RePlanet Africa extends its gratitude to all the participants, partners and stakeholders who made the day a success.

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